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EL43 Gastro

Legacy Gastro Suites participates in a bold new direction of Greek hospitality with emphasis on the dominant element of every culture, the gastronomy. Traditional Greek food is part of our culinary dictionary for centuries. At Legacy Gastro Suites we unlock the potential of Greek gastronomy by choosing producers and products that represent different regions of Greece.

In Eleftheria’s Square no. 43 in Heraklion city, on Crete, at Legacy Gastro Suites, where the locals were meeting at noon for ouzo, while at nights celebrating with friends. There, is the "EL43 gastro". On the ground floor, the gastro-bar café enlivens the most beautiful spot of Eleftheria’s Square, while on the roof, Sky Lounge & Dinning overlooks Heraklion as only from that spot it is pictured.

At the central city-square, where the “three arches” use to be, our gathering grows. We treat dishes made with passion, as well as excellent spirits, like authentic Greek ouzo and raki, traditionally baked pies and rustic bread. We break out with narratives and laughs, and as the sun paints the city in honey shades, we invite you to come near to the most idyllic balcony.

Legacy opens a new chapter in Crete’s unique cultural narrative. Greek gastronomy is undergoing a renaissance that echoes the Cretan Renaissance of centuries ago when luminaries like Kornaro & El Greco along with N. Kazantzakis cemented Crete’s reputation as a cultural force. They exemplify the Cretan island values of freedom and light. We honor their contributions in the heart of the city each proudly called home. Heraklion.

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