Legacy Gastro Suites opens a new chapter in the narrative of Greek gastronomy and hospitality.  To brings to the table the unique and authentic flavors inspired by our culture and traditions,  we have chosen a variety of uniquely selected producers to cater for the particular ingredients of our gastronomic menu.

In the very heart of Heraklion, el43 proposes a palette of original Greek tastes with a unique twist of Cretan influences that find their origin in our history and culture.

Whether it is in our all-day restaurant, in our gourmet boutique shop or the privacy of their suites, local guests, and food-forward travelers will get in touch with unique Greek flavors, some of them hard to find in the market. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the hunt by meticulously selecting all those culinary products that characterize the essence of the Greek cuisine.

el43 is our all-day gastronomic meeting point where traditional Greek recipes and top-flight cooking are at the core of a whole new foodie experience. Are your snses ready to soar? Let them be tickled by flowers & Cretan herbs that may find their way into a glass of specially mixed refreshments and cocktails…or the fragrance of steaming pies coming out of our wooden oven, perhaps eliciting childhood memories. Share your travel stories over a jar of tangy Greek spoon sweets or a sweet and delicious cup of real Greek coffee.

el43 serves inspired dishes with roots in authentic Greek recipes, the Cretan diet and farm-to-table products selected from all over Greece. Our cuisine showcases Greek tastes that add a new dimension to the everyday. Every dish will inspire enthusiasts of the Cretan diet, and we hope will create new fans, too!

The Gastro experience continues in our suites, home to an innovative food-station with premium and harder-to-find products of the Greek culinary legacy.

Among other delicacies, guests will be able to taste in the comfort of their suite local delicacies including cheeses, nuts, delicious Greek delicatessen cold cuts, premium Greek honey products, extra virgin olive oil and tapenades, pasteli (homemade honey sesame bars), dried organic fruits, vanilla ipovrichio (the traditional Greek “spoon sweets”), breads, jams and more.

An exceptional wine selection and spirits from all over Greece will enhance the tastes of the overall gastronomic experience.

Our gastronomic shop will allow every guest and visitor to take any of these premium local products home, as a tasty souvenir of your gastronomy-oriented stay in Crete.  The atmosphere of our Gastro boutique highlights Cretan culinary traditions: Let the journey of flavor begin!

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