Legacy Gastro Suites participates in a bold new direction of Greek hospitality. It feeds on the the familiar, the authentic. Every moment is a small taste-escape that takes us to another view of what ‘genuine’ really means.


Add a new dimension to the everyday, starting from the morning a la carte breakfast served in sunny Papi restaurant. Handmade pastries, homemade jam, Cretan honey, scrambled eggs with ‘anthogalo cretan cheese’ and Cretan sausage are just some of the options.

Food Station

The Gastro experience continues with an innovative food-station with premium and harder-to-find products of the Greek culinary legacy.

Among other delicacies, guests will be able to taste in the comfort of their suite delicacies including cheeses, nuts, delicious Greek cold cuts, extra virgin olive oil and tapenades, homemade honey, dried fruits, Mastic and more.

An exceptional wine selection of Greek wines will enhance the tastes of your meals. From the comfort of the sophisticated sofa inspired by 1950s décor, and under the soft light of the elegant chandelier, guests can enjoy dining either from their sea view suites. Let the journey of flavor begin!


Italian gastronomy meets the Greek nutritional wealth. Authentic Italian flavors combined with our deep love for the products of our place.

A culinary attraction for guests & travellers, Papi Osteria Cafeteria becomes an ideal destination from early in the morning until late at night.

Great start for a day full of energy, with delicious breakfast choices and hearty brunch. All you can wish for is there! The best of coffee variety, freshly squeezed juices, homemade baguettes & yummy omelets.

Its menu has been carefully designed to reflect Italian gastronomic tradition. Fresh pasta adds another dimension to classic recipes. Seven different Pizza proposals aim to introduce more and more to its value! Salads are made with respect to the aromas and flavors of seasonal raw materials. Cotoleta ala Milanese is an option that cannot be easily forgotten. Spaghetti chitarra carbonara praises the philosophy that less is more. Salmon fillet is a simple proof of superior taste. The end of the meal is written in Italian finesse from the creamy light Tiramisu.

The wide variety of Greek and international wines is combined exclusively with the delicious tastes and enhances the enjoyment.

Moments end up in memories and lead your steps to Legacy!

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